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Surviving is a newsletter about navigating business, innovation and life. It is written by Philip Letts - supported by some amazing analysts and researchers at the Surviving thinktank.

Why Surviving?

Navigating business and life is hard. Carving out a niche and thinking about success in a world that is constantly changing takes a lot more than luck. I’ve been lucky enough to have been mentored, throughout my career, by some extraordinary and well known leaders. They made all the difference.

I am regularly asked to mentor and support others. I thought that I could do this best through a weekly (news)letter that gets delivered direct to your inbox. Designed to help you think about business and life in a different way. A chance to stay one step ahead of the competition and to help frame what is going on around us and what it might mean.

About Philip Letts

I was born into the eponymous Letts Diary family. You know, the guys who invented the world’s first commercial diary in 1812. But I was determined to carve my own path. I got to build, manage and run a string of amazing companies. Some small and some big. Some public, some private. Some were in Silicon Valley and some in New York. Most from the UK. They had a common thread. They were all ground breaking in their own way. Some ahead of their time. Most were international.

I launched one of the first publisher, paywall operated websites back in 1994. I built the first widely available web currency and I ran a digital, global barter network. I helped build one of the first smartphone interface platforms. You know, the iPhone before the iPhone. I took an online creative services network public.

I have always found time to write articles, blogs and books while running businesses. I have been writing about business, innovation and life for over a decade. I guess it helps me think, research and analyse the world around me. A few years ago I published the Size Zero concept as a radical new way for businesses to structure themselves for tomorrow. I have also written an innovation methodology called Innov@te, which helps power the Letts Group.

The Letts Group

I have gone full circle and now I get to run Letts Group. I have worked hard to reposition the brand and focus on what we did best in the early days - which was to innovate. Today we are a branded incubator group focused on media, the environment and the arts. Letts incubated businesses have been valued, in aggregate, at over $1 billion at their peak.

We also operate a small thinktank, called Surviving (funny that), which helps us to look around corners and predict new trends. It helps the business stay on track. It also helps me to write this newsletter.

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