Black Lives Matter

It's time to figure out how to eradicate racism once and for all

The ‘black lives matter’ movement is important and becoming more universal because it’s time, once and for all, to eradicate racism. If we can't fix racism toward skin colour we stand zero chance of stamping out any other form of racism. And there is plenty of it.

You don't have to be black to acknowledge that racism is bad. That minorities need to be supported and protected. We've all experienced the negatives at some point. Each of us has been unfairly labeled, passed over or had opportunities taken away from us. Imagine that being systemic to your upbringing. Under privilege being the one given for your future. Fear of the majority your day to day.

We don't need to look much further than nature to understand that the key to the balance of life and to the survival of the planet lies in its diversity. Diversity of habitats, natural plant life and the diversity of wildlife are the secrets to its success. Monocultures lead to the erosion of nature, plant disease and a reduction in wildlife which in turn is critical to the overall ecosystem operating successfully. All monocultures are toxic, like a field full of stinging nettle or a mixed spa full of Weinsteins.

This is no environmental mumbo jumbo. The stark reality is that the greater the variety of plant life and trees the greater the overall chance of their survival. The greater the diversity of insects and birds feeding off these plants and trees the more they regenerate and develop. And the more diversity of wildlife the greater the chance they have to continue to exist as they feed off each other. There's no Bic Mac and fries for the hyena.

The greater the combination of plant life and wildlife diversity, the more we humans get to eat AND breath. And the eating and breathing part is pretty handy for our own survival. We’re all inextricably linked in this bright web called survival. One big happy, diverse family. Or so we thought…

If we destroy diversity in nature it doesn't take long before habitats and ecosystems collapse which lead to self reenforcing cycles of extinction that threaten our existence and wipe out whole swathes of the creatures and plants upon which we depend. Sound familiar?

So, you see, the black lives matter movement could, while fixing the clear injustices for black people, also spark a debate about why socially, economically and scientifically ‘diversity’ is healthier for us all. We may find out that a monoculture in the human race would be as destructive as we know a monoculture of plant or tree is in nature. If the entire planet was covered only in forest it would be capable of sustaining just a few of us. If we covered our land mass in tarmac to urbanise the globe it would collapse in quick succession. Monocultures are disastrous.

We know that the very concept of one superior human race is morally deplorable and destructive in concept. It is also entirely unnatural. Look where it got Hitler!!

Yes, the black lives matter movement is also about police brutality and the militarization of police in the US which is very real, but there may be a wider opportunity for us to make sure that no country unfairly favours its indigenous people over citizens or visitors from any other country, religion, sex or creed. Immigration fuels healthy diversity like water feeds healthy plant growth.

One of the tipping points could be for leaders across government and business to recognize that diversity is not currently working in their organisation. Then they will be more likely to address it and act. Real, tangible and timely solutions should be put in place so that we can liberate opportunity for all from cradle to grave. This may be one social movement that business leaders can drive. Who we work with affects how we think and behave - consciously and sub-consciously.

There has to be a way to harness ‘black lives matter’ to create models for schools, colleges, businesses, society and government to address racism once and for all. Teaching us how to embrace curriculums that are race agnostic and celebrate diversity - a true and unapologetic multi-cultural curriculum. We need employers that genuinely promote and enjoy diversity, laws that are tighter against racism, slander and hate crimes with all government bodies and agencies actively promoting a racism free society.

We should put more effort into helping employers better understand that a diverse workforce is a happier, more productive and more valuable workforce. That diversity drives retention and wellbeing. Diversity in human capital is as important as diverse products and income streams. Dependence on any one kind of person is as unsustainable as the over-dependence on any one product. Try putting that in a neo-liberal pipe and smoking it.

Black Lives matter because black people, like any member of the human race, bring something unique to the party. Something special. Trample on race and we trample the planet. Limit black opportunity and we limit opportunity for all. Shorten black lives and we shorten all lives.

Given the risks we already face with climate change and global warming, anything that could shorten our future further or limit our capabilities must be addressed now. While we still have a little time. Black lives matter like the planet matters. Diversity rules. Drop the mic!

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